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The Opportunities a Music Production School Can Offer You

There are a variety of different programs out there for music production. These programs include courses at more traditional colleges and universities, and some are found at schools that focus on digital media. For those of you searching in Florida, there's one music school in Orlando you should be considering. That school is F.I.R.S.T. Institute, which has programs focusing on recording arts and music production, specifically.

Web Development School: What Is a Front End Website Developer?

A front end website developer has one of the most dynamic roles in the design industry and has a huge visual impact on today’s World Wide Web. These savvy professionals keep up with web design and web coding trends in order to keep the user experience innovative and exciting. This Web Development School breakdown will give you all the information you need to understand the importance of this web development career!

Design Industry Tip

Graphic designers have their work cut out for them when they strike out on their own and begin to make their mark — the design industry is constantly changing which makes standing out and getting noticed a challenge.

Design Industry Tips: 5 Tips For Marketing Yourself in Graphic Design

There are many different paths a designer can take throughout their graphic design career including (but not limited to) being an in-house designer for a specific company, being a member of a studio or agency, or pursuing freelance graphic design. No matter which route you choose, you’re going to need to decide how you’re going to tackle some of the design industry’s most common issues facing designers of all ages and experience levels. Learning how to market your graphic design skills and business can help you overcome these hurdles.

Web Design vs Web Development: Are They Really That Different?

The web design vs web development debate continues… are these design industry careers really all that different? Well, in some ways they are very similar, and, in other ways, extremely different. When it comes to the job market, the web design and web development pay scales tend to be quite different as well. Developers are generally paid more than designers… drastically more. Here’s why.

The Major Disadvantages of Taking Web Design Online Courses

These days, attending school can be hectic for students with super busy schedules. Taking web design online courses gives busy people the flexibility needed to attend school according to their own schedules. But, does a web-based web design education provide students with the interactive and engaging forum they need to learn to create functional responsive websites? When researching schools for web design, keep in mind these disadvantages of taking web design online courses.

The Benefits of Learning Web Design from a Quality School

When it comes to the job market, web designers are in high demand in just about every industry imaginable. That’s because no matter what the industry, a company needs to have an online presence in order to be successful these days. Learning web design gives you the skills you need to build responsive websites for your employer and/or freelance client, and learning these skills from quality schools for web design can set you apart from all others in the web design job market! 

5 Tips to Become a Web Designer Who’s in High Demand

The journey to become a web designer can be both exciting and rewarding. Website building and web design project leave lots of room for your imagination andyour creative juices to flow, all while giving you the satisfaction of creating something that brings value to the site owner, as well as A versatile designer will understand how to apply online marketing, design, visual effects, art and technology to create a grand user experience.

Pros of Learning Back End Web Development from an Accredited School

When weighing your options for learning web development, you'll most likely consider a few alternatives. You could self teach, try to learn the concepts with online courses, attend a large college with a degree program for this design industry specialization, or attend an accredited web development school that specializes in the field.

Should You Attend a College for Web Design or Learn on Your Own?

Web design schools can help you develop various skills needed to become a web designer in a professional setting. With the right schooling, you’ll learn how to expand your creative talents with your problem solving skills to create dynamic websites. But, should you attend a college for web design or learn what it takes to succeed in the design industry on your own?

Main Skills Needed to Become a Web Designer 

Some of the skills a web design school will help you develop include: