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Graphic Design Industry

Design Industry Tips: Is a Graphic Design Career Right for You?

Think of the last product you picked up, saw on TV, or read about online.

Sure, you’re interested in the product because of how it satisfies your needs, but you probably wouldn’t have given it a second look if not for the efforts of the design team that made the real magic happen!

Design Industry Tip

Graphic designers have their work cut out for them when they strike out on their own and begin to make their mark — the design industry is constantly changing which makes standing out and getting noticed a challenge.

Design Industry Tips: 5 Tips For Marketing Yourself in Graphic Design

There are many different paths a designer can take throughout their graphic design career including (but not limited to) being an in-house designer for a specific company, being a member of a studio or agency, or pursuing freelance graphic design. No matter which route you choose, you’re going to need to decide how you’re going to tackle some of the design industry’s most common issues facing designers of all ages and experience levels. Learning how to market your graphic design skills and business can help you overcome these hurdles.

Design Tips: Adobe Illustrator Quick Start Guide

Despite its name, Adobe Illustrator is not the exclusive domain of cartoonists and other artists who work primarily through the digital equivalent of more traditional mediums; many have replaced pen and paper with a stylus and drawing tablet, but the theory is much the same.

Graphic designers 

Illustrator Quick Start Guide: Meet Adobe’s vector design program

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Photoshop Quick Start Guide For New Graphic Designers

This won’t be your typical Adobe Photoshop quick start guide — we’d like to focus on getting you set up to succeed right from the start, and that means exploring the less flashy and glamorous parts of Photoshop use before you move on to creating your first masterpiece. 

Graphic Design Principles: Understanding Fundamentals of Photography

Photography doesn’t have to be all huge lenses and tripods and cameras that easily cost more than your car—you can get started with an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera for under $100. Most cameras in this price range have the same resolution and features that much larger and more pricey models had just a few years ago. Understand the fundamentals of photography can do wonders for your career in the design industry. Find out more with our beginner's guide!

Developing a Compelling Graphic Design Portfolio

If you're looking to become a graphic designer, you've probably realized that you're going to have to show potential employers your best work if you hope to score an interview. If you have examples of designs you've done that have been printed, you can (and should!) bring a physical portfolio with you when pitching your ideas for a project or going after a job opportunity. Developing a showstopping graphic design portfolio doesn't have to be difficult!

What Does a Typical Graphic Design Salary Look Like?

As a graphic design school, one question we hear often is, “What's a typical graphic design salary?” Students are concerned that they're undervaluing themselves and their work, or that they're limiting themselves by living or working somewhere other than where the money is.  

The Biggest Mistakes Made by Graphic Designers and How to Avoid Them

The graphic design industry has its fair share of "sins" and faux pas like any other industry. What's unique in the design industry is that instead of comments like, “Oh no, not that belt with those shoes!” designers tend to hear, “Oh my, look at that type! Looks like somebody skipped out on kerning...”

Design Industry Tips: Using Pinterest for Graphic Designers

Pinterest is an amazing tool for designers – it can be used to store inspiration and ideas for client projects, interact with other designers, or even become a part of a pitch or project bid!


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